A unique event space for unique events.

Bruern Events can deliver any size and style of event, whether in the gardens of Red Brick House on our own Bruern Estate or anywhere else.

While we are willing to consider ‘dry hires’, events with the Mirror Pavilion work best when we run everything specific to it, because as a unique space, it has unique qualities.

Sound equipment and levels in each area have to be calibrated to suit the Mirror Pavilion’s particular acoustics, which are quite different from that of a standard marquee or fabric structure.

Similarly, our lighting rig has been specifically designed to cover all range of events in that space, with presets optimised for different points in the day and evening, and for different uses of the space (e.g. lunches, drinks receptions, speeches, dinners, band performances, theatrical performances, dancefloor). In addition, different areas of the Mirror Pavilion will also need different types and levels of lighting, due to their varying structural and spatial qualities.

We work with a number of top end lighting and sound companies that have specific knowledge of the Mirror Pavilion, and can provide the specialist operators and engineers that are already familiar with our equipment.

We have also worked extensively with professional photographers and film-makers to maximise the opportunities that a Mirror Pavilion event offers to create impressive, lasting memories.

Event Formats