Our Story

How we created a unique temporary mobile event space.

We had been running Bruern Cottages, a high end holiday rental business in a beautiful riverside and lakeside location, for something over a decade.

However, it had always felt the need for and lack of an event space, which we knew we would never be able to build because of planning regulations. This gave us food for thought, and when the pandemic gave us the time for it as well, an idea was conceived one wet Wednesday afternoon, lockdown boredom becoming the mother of inspiration.

Not only were we going to build our event space, but we were going to build it again and again, and in a way that even the local planning department could do nothing about, because it would be temporary each time

And because we were going to build it again and again, we were going to be able to do it differently each time – differently in structure of course, but more importantly differently in terms of look and feel.

It was going to be mobile, so we would be able to take it anywhere and build it anywhere, not just at Bruern. But above all, it was not going to be just another bog standard marquee that looked like it had come straight from the local village fête.

It was going to be the Mirror Pavilion – a temporary mobile structure like no other.

With an idea and a plan, we dived into the world of events. We brought in experts in every field and moved from inspiration to realisation.

As it soon became clear that this voyage would turn out to be an odyssey, we brought in an industry veteran with twenty years of experience of troubleshooting event production and delivery to help guide the ship. A year later, he is still on deck with no plans for shore leave, and so are we.

Who we are


JOSH ASTOR has managed Bruern LLP, parent company of Bruern Events, for the last decade. He likes to bite off more than he can chew, and then make lots of people around him chew like hell. This gift for planning the impossible and getting others to deliver ideally suits him to the role of Events Company Boss.


ZIGGY LEIGH is head of the operations at Bruern Events and is possessed of an aptitude for all things technical and mechanical. The only thing that makes him happier than driving a bright yellow piece of machinery the size of a tank, is driving one twice the size of a tank. Ziggy is the man in charge of the build, ensuring the Mirror Pavilion is assembled on spec, on time and the right way up.


LEON FLEURY is one of the people whose job it is to chew what Josh bites off. A veteran of the Events Industry with twenty years’ experience as both a Production and Project Manager, he is known within Bruern as the Iceberg Whisperer, because of his ability to spot them in the ship’s path miles ahead, and persuade them in fluent Icebergish to go somewhere else. His is the responsibility for seeing that impossible dreams become reality on the night.

Elmo & Ralph

ELMO & RALPH have worked on every build of the Mirror Pavilion. Posing for pictures when they get a spare moment. They are a perennial favourites with everyone but catering staff, who for some reason don’t think they are the assets everyone else does.